Can Your Mobile Device Be Trusted?

Are you playing games, checking-in or downloading apps? Beware! Most, if not all, of your data is being collected and access is being granted to areas that you may consider private.

While most people don’t know what happens to their personal data online and some notions of privacy may be shifting, average Internet users still care enormously about digital privacy – Jon Leibowitz, Federal Trade Commission Chairman

In fact, this graphic reveals that:

  • 81% of mobile users think safeguarding their personal information is important
  • 76% of mobile users said they are very selective about who they give their information
  • 92% are concerned about applications collecting their personal information without their consent

As social and mobile technology continue to grow and the amount of information people reveal about themselves increases, consumer privacy has become a major concern. The growth of mobile apps, in particular, has raised concerns about mobile security and users feel that their devices have been accessed in a way that invades their privacy.

These privacy worries have caused more than half, 54%, of mobile app users to not download an app after they read what information the app had to access, and 33% of mobile app users went so far as to uninstall an app once they learned what information it was accessing.

Why is mobile app privacy important? Simple, there’s an app for everything and information is continuously being gathered and shared from the mobile devices that house these apps.

What do you need to be aware of? Veracode put together the infographic below to provide deeper insight into mobile app security.

When it comes to privacy laws and mobile devices, people want more control and choice over their personal information. Unless better safeguards are put into place, users will begin to limit their use of apps and the Internet on their mobile devices.

Are you paying close attention to your privacy settings?

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