How Private is Your Social?

What do social networks know about you? Everything

Whether you have managed to increase your privacy settings or not, social media sites have access to your personal data. In fact, these inventories of personal data are how social networks are making their money.

Social networking sites, like Facebook, are selling advertising space to companies that want to reach you, and providing them with all the information that they need to target you with advertising that is relevant based on a comment you made, a fan page you liked or a search you conducted.

Breech of privacy? Maybe, but if you are just agreeing to social network privacy policies without thoroughly analyzing the fine print, then you are subjected to data aggregation.

The infographic below, created by Baynote, provides insight on some of the data that is being collected and also explains why advertisements have become much more personalized.


Are you comfortable with social networks collecting your data to deliver a personalized experience? Or does it feel like big brother is watching?


One response to “How Private is Your Social?

  1. This is pulling back the curtain on a dirty secret (or not so secret) about social media, and that is where all our information goes once we enter it into our profiles. I am conflicted on this, and I frequently post snarky comments about my buddies who get irritated about Facebook’s ever-changing privacy policies. My stance has always been that if you were really (*really) upset, you could simply cancel your account; after all, it’s a free, opt-in service. That makes author Charlie Stross’ comment on social media that much more pognant. Stross said, “either you pay for the service, or you are the service”. In this case, the moneymaking capability of a free service like Facebook is dependent upon the ability of the brand to deliver millions of microtargeted potential customers to its advertisers.

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